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[favorites applicationDidShip];

Wednesday, October 29th, 2008

The fourth virtual MacMacDev -applicationDidShip: award goes to Favorites (Website, Appstore) by Matt Gemmell of Instinctive Code.

Favorites lets you speed-dial (or speed-SMS, or speed-email) your favorite contacts, with a great-looking UI that’s really intuitive to use. The application lets you easily organize and customize your favorite contacts.

Favorites is available for £1.19. Congratulations to Matt for shipping this really useful application, and for being the fourth recipient of the -applicationDidShip: award!

macMacDevs[14] = Glasgow_Offshore

Wednesday, October 22nd, 2008

Last Thursday in every month – that is the rule for calculating Glasgow’s MacMacDev meeting. So if you thought it was the fourth Thursday in every month you’d be right most of the time, but not this month.

macMacDevs[14] will be held at Offshore, 3/5 Gibson Street, Glasgow, G12 8NU, on Thursday 30 October 2008, from 19:00 until whenever.

Turn up, talk code. Given that it’ll almost be Halloween feel free to dress your Mac or iPhone up – although making your Mac run Windows all evening might be a bit too scary…

macMacDevs[13] = Edinburgh_Baroque

Monday, October 6th, 2008

There are some who might consider 13 to be unlucky, but we’re lucky in that this should be the first macMacDev during which we can actually talk about iPhone development instead of just moaning about the NDA.

macMacDevs[13] will be held at Baroque, 39-41 Broughton Street, Edinburgh EH1 3JU on Thursday 9 October 2008, starting at 19:00 and continuing until we run out of iPhone stuff to talk about, or get drowned out by their quiz night – any thoughts on a replacement venue?

Let me – david at macmacdev dot com – know if you’re going to turn up so I can book a table. Feel free to spread the word of the first post-NDA macMacDev, assuming Apple manages to get the revised NDA announcements out in time…