macMacDevs[44] = Glasgow_Strathclyde

Another formal meeting! An opportunity to talk code in a quieter environment than our informal meetings, bring along your questions and enthusiasm for Mac and iPhone development.

macMacDevs[44], will be held in the Boardroom on Level 10 at Livingstone Tower, Strathclyde University on Thursday 26 November 2009, from 16:00 to 18:00. (Follow signs for the General Office on Level 10 of Livingstone Tower, the boardroom is on the right hand side of the general office area).

We will have a blitz talk from Quinn on using Blocks in Objective-C, and then help you get the most out of your Mac and iPhone development and UI design. Whether you’re a beginner looking for some guidance; or have an idea for a Mac or iPhone application and want feedback; or an experienced developer looking for some code review, bug fixes, or advice, we’ll try our best.

Following the formal meeting will be macMacDevs[45].

If you’re planning on coming along, please let me know via Twitter (@pyrusmalus), or email (The macMacDev mail server is down at the moment).

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