“Software Development with Cocoa” @ Apple Store Glasgow

If you happen to look through the schedule of events for Apple Store Glasgow, you might just find one called “Software Development with Cocoa” on Thursday 18 September, from 18:00-19:00, which appears to have my name on it!

The description is, shall we say, not quite exactly what I submitted: apparently someone in Cupertino thought that ‘Cocoa Cheerleader’ didn’t sound nearly professional enough and upgraded me to ‘Cocoa expert’; nor am I sure how I got to be an ‘insider’ but if this means I get ‘access-all-areas’ in Infinite Loop I’m happy.

So, what will I be talking about? Essentially an overview of development opportunities on the Mac, a look at what’s involved in Cocoa, a look at the developer tools, some quick demos, and anything else that will convince people to think about getting into software development with Cocoa. I’m not planning anything too in-depth during the presentation, but there should be an opportunity to talk code during the Q&A and with developers afterwards.

If you’re interested in turning up that would be awesome: it would be really good to demonstrate to Apple that there are a lot of people interested in developing on the Mac.

I’d really like to have a mini-panel of developers to take part in the Q&A part, so if you’re interested in helping me out please let me know – I promise you won’t have to cheer, or shake pom-pons.

2 Responses to ““Software Development with Cocoa” @ Apple Store Glasgow”

  1. David Masters Says:

    Kath – I’m actually waiting for the Apple Store to confirm the date with me. As soon as I know I’ll post about the talk.