We have a mailing list…

If your email Inbox is feeling unloved, perhaps even jealous of all the RSS feeds winging their way to your news reader, perhaps this will cheer it it: introducing the MacMacDev mailing list!

Keep the chat going in-between meetings, say all the things you want to say but don’t want to post as a comment on the blog, or just say “Hi!” to Mac developers at the other side of the country. Plus it’ll also have details of upcoming meetings so there’s no excuse for forgetting to turn up!

To subscribe, send an email to list-subscribe at macmacdev dot com, and await your confirmation email. To post to the list, just send your email to list at macmacdev dot com. Any problems, let me know: david at macmacdev dot com.

Finally, in the spirit of “What happens at MacMacDev stays at MacMacDev” there currently isn’t a viewable archive of mail, so subscribe now or miss out!

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